How to Make Feedback Less Scary (and more useful): A Writers’ HQ Masterclass


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Discover the empowering art of giving and receiving feedback to improve your writing in this one hour masterclass with Paul Macauley.

It can be so hard to be objective about your own writing, but allowing others to read your work can also be super scary! We know how daunting it can be to seek out critique, but getting fresh eyes on your work is often the best way of finding new ways to improve and develop it.

In this masterclass we’ll explore how giving AND receiving feedback can make you a writer, and how to approach critique with confidence!

> We’ll figure out what GOOD feedback is (and what it most certainly is not)

> We’ll look at different types of feedback and when to use them

> And we’ll consider how to respond to feedback and make it work for what we are writing

Whether or not you’re currently seeking feedback on your work, come join us. It’s going to be encouraging and inspiring!

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