Polish Your Prose


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**Important note: the exercises in this workshop turned out way more intense than anticipated. Really good, but wow intense. So please feel free to pause the video and take your time working on them rather than rushing through in the hour**

Let’s make your writing shine!

We spend a lot of time working over the specifics of plot and structure and form, but now let’s get down and dirty on a line by line level. Oh yeah! Let’s explore how to turn turgid sentences into sparkly magic, how to do good metaphor, and how to make your writing feel true and real.

Who You Are

  • A writer who wants to enhance their stories with improved prose
  • A writer who wants to explore using metaphor
  • A writer who wants to write pretty sentences just for the sake of writing pretty sentences

What you’ll learn

  • Strategies for elevating your writing on a sentence by sentence level
  • New ways of thinking about metaphor and description
  • How to avoid going too far and heading into the dreaded purple zone

What you’ll get

An hour long interactive workshop with exercises and a Q&A with director of Writers’ HQ and award-winning writer Sarah Lewis

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