The Writing For Neurospicies Masterclass


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This is a workshop for all non-neurotypical writers who find all the usual strategies for getting stuff done just do. not. work.

We’ll be looking at different ways of approaching your writing, how to be realistic despite having zero concept of time and space, how not to let the RSD win, and generally having a good old supportive, rambling chinwag about how to get shit done when your brain just will not work in a straight line.

We will be offering exercises and strategies, but Sarah will also be facilitating participants to share what does and doesn’t work for them to co-create a deep and broad basket of resources for all brains. Expect rambling, unexpected connection-making hilarity.

NOTE: This is a fully inclusive workshop. You don’t need a formal diagnosis, you don’t have to tell us your particular flavour of spice, and we even welcome normies.

Who You Are

A neurodivergent writer who’s fed up with being told “just write a list”. You want to find better ways of working so you’re not constantly in a burnout cycle, and you want to get your goddamn story written.

What You’ll Get

Exercises and strategies to help you with your executive function struggles, ideas about better ways of working, a framework for moving forwards, and a community of neuro-writers in a very similar boat to you.

What You’ll Learn 

🌶️  The common blocks and arghs and pitfalls of being a writer with a gloriously spicy brain and strategies for working with them, not against them

🌶️ Recognising executive dysfunction and what to do about it

🌶️ Managing RSD when the writing world necessarily comes with A LOT of rejection

🌶️ How space and time actually work (ok look, timeblindess is Sarah’s ultimate nemisis but she’ll do her best here…)

🌶️ How to use your unique skills to work in your favour

About Sarah Lewis

Sarah is an award-winning journalist and writer-of-many-other-things-too. She is the co-founder of Writers’ HQ, which was birthed from Sarah’s own struggles to sit down and write, and she has dedicated the last decade to making other people sit down and write. She is extremely good at it. After extensive neuro-vibe coaching and therapy she’s also finally getting better at sitting down and doing her own writing. Yay. She is neurospicey as fuck, with more letters in her diagnoses than in her name.

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