Write A Novel In 60 Minutes: School Shutdown Edition


Hello. Are you now working from home until further notice? Are your kids off school? Either way, we’re all padding about at home in slippers and dressing gowns trying to answer emails and not lose our minds and it’s impossible to keep anything tidy and honestly what even day is it?

Here’s a thing we’re doing that might help: most mornings at 10am during the school shut down*, we’re going to be running our famous Write A Novel In 60 Minutes on Crowdcast.

Why spend years agonising over your masterpiece when we can show you how to do it in an hour in this ridiculous whistle-stop tour of how stories work.

This means you can stick your kid in front of the laptop or tablet, we’ll not only entertain them but get them doing super cool creative and educational stuff, and you can crack on with drinking tea or answering emails or panic-reading Twitter (don’t do that last one). Or, you can join in too. Yes, it’s a workshop for kids, but plenty of adults have participated, enjoyed, and even created something that’s gone on to be Something.

And lo, the details:

What: Write A Novel In 60 Minutes

Where: Crowdcast. No download needed, just log in. Links to be posted as they become available

When: Every Wednesday, 10-11am GMT (if you can’t watch live, you can still register for a place and watch playback at any time)

Click here to register for 1 July >>> 

Click here to register for 8 July >>> 

Click here to register for 15 July >>>

Click here to register for 22 July >>>

Click here to register for 29 July >>>

Who: ages 7 – 11. And also anyone else who fancies taking part. Smol kids need to be able to write pretty well on their own, unless you’re helping them. Teenagers can pretend they don’t want to join in but do it anyway. Adults also very welcome (just don’t expect to turn out your Proustian masterpiece in 60 minutes, eh?)

Wa: Grown ups think writing novels takes years. We know that it only needs to take an hour. Join us for a whistle stop tour of how to build a perfect story from the ground up.

Woo: Bring paper and pens. Googly eyes and glitter optional (but recommended)

NOTE FOR PARENTALS: Yes we’re sweary nerfherders, but only for the grown up courses. We will, of course, be perfectly polite and appropriate for all age groups. We have run this workshop for years in a billion different places, from festivals to pizza restaurants to living rooms to chat rooms and we’ve yet to let slip one inappropriate fork.

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  • Hello. Our grandma in England recommended this for us in California, but your course is full. We wouldn’t be able join live anyway so is there anyway we could just get the playback versions?

  • Avatar
    Jilly Henderson-Long
    21 March 2020 1:25 pm

    I may be 63 but I would like to register for the write a novel in 60 minutes workshop next week. If I add 6 and 3 together that makes me only 9. Do I qualify? And if so, how do I register? Keep going lovely writer ladies. You are putting meaning and purpose back into our lives! Thank you.

    • Avatar
      Natalie Reilly
      27 March 2020 9:59 am

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Jilly! We’re so glad you’re enjoying what we’re doing. You could join in with the kids’ workshops although they are probably not as useful for an adult. We’re hoping to run some adult 60 minute novel sessions soon so just keep an eye on our social media feeds.

  • This is awesome and I will sign my daughter up but it clashes with the Joe Wicks bodycoach PE on youtube!! Could you consider running at 10 in the following week?

    • Avatar
      Natalie Reilly
      27 March 2020 9:53 am

      We are going to move it to 10am next week, hopefully! Keep an eye on our social media feeds for announcements.


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