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We like werds - Come write for our blog

Woman writing while looking at notebook


Hello! Would you like to write for Shit & Whimsy: the Writers’ HQ blog? WELL MARVELLOUS.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Blogs of between 500 – 800 words examining writing and the writing process from a new perspective
  • Blogs that fit the theme of ‘resistance writing’, that is writing that says ‘fuck this shit’.
  • Blogs that fit our tone. Not exactly, obviously, your voice is your voice and that’s important. But we do want content that fits within the general style and tone of Writers’ HQ. If you’re not familiar with that, please do read a few of our blogs first and it may help you to read our Manifesto On Bad Language
  • Innovation in swearing

Here’s what we offer in return:

  • We will pay a flat fee of £40 for all blogs
  • We will link back to your site or book if you’re a writer with a blog or a book

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Send an email with your blog idea to jo@writershq.co.uk
  2. In the subject line put: “BLOG PITCH: Your Blog Title Here”
  3. Give us a quick outline of your blog idea and, if we don’t know you already, a quick heads up about who you are and what you do
  4. Sit back and wait. (No really, wait. We’re in a perpetual state of being slammed with emails so it may take a while.)

AND before you send us an email please make double sure:

  1. You’ve read at least a couple of our blogs so you understand what we’re about
  2. You’re sending us a pitch about writing fiction. We do not publish content about writing for business, academic writing, journalism or content creation, any other kind of writing, or topics that aren’t to do with writing
  3. You’re sending us a topic that is related to our themes, and that you send us a decent explanation of what you want to write, rather than a single sentence
  4. You spell our name correctly and have our apostrophe in the right place
  5. You’ve read these guidelines – you can prove you’ve made it this far by attaching a picture of a dinosaur to your email
  6. You’re not one of those weird-ass people that sends us emails saying you’ve read our blog and want to offer us unique content on how to sit correctly at your work desk