Write, Thrive, Repeat: On Writing as Self-Care

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Author: SarahWHQ

Morning Team! 

This blog is about letting the writing look after us as much as we look after it. 

We always tell you to keep writing because your stories are important and stories will change the world; they are the purest form of human connection we have, the truest manifestation of love. 

So, like, no pressure or anything.

What we sometimes forget to tell you is that this relationship works both ways.

You look after your stories, and your stories will look after you.

Let’s rewind a minute here.

When we say your stories will change the world, we’re not expecting you to write a magical treatise that will bring humanity together in a glorious revolution of peace, equality, and abundance (I mean, we’re not expecting that today).

What we’re saying is that every act of creativityevery act of creationentered into with joy, love, and enthusiasm (and occasionally grumbling resentment and eyerolling) moves the world onward a little bit more and leaves it a little bit better than it was before.

Every time you create something, you are left a little bit better, too.

That’s not to say you aren’t perfect as you are. You are, naturally, perfect to us in every way.

But there’s always a bit of room to be even more betterererer.

No act of creativity is ever wasted. All of it is taking you where you are going. Even if you write the shittest story ever told and hurl it furiously in the bin—the act of creating something, the act of opening your heart to the page, well, dawg, that is rad. You are rejuvenating and caring for yourself and generally being tiptop awesome to yourself and your soul.

Fortune cookie slogan time: there is power in knowing what’s in your heart.

Once we know that, everything else is a-ok.

The world might feel pretty wibbly at times (lol ALL THE TIME HOLY WOW), but keep coming back to your writing, keep coming back to the things you need to say, and you might just find that moving forward is a little bit easier, a little more grounded, and a little clearer.

So, like we said, look after the writing, and the writing looks after you.

Go write!

Sarah and Team WHQ

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