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This has been an amazing experience and I am so glad I took this up as well as the full membership. It is just what I’ve been looking for. I have learned a lot about myself, but also about things I didn’t know I knew and I think its made my writing better.

- Janice T

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Ahhh ‘write what you know’ – that old hackneyed chestnut, right? For most of us, ‘what we know’ is actually pretty dull and boring, but that’s not the point. The point is, we’re all frickin’ human. We all feel things (ugh, feelings). We all know stuff that other people don’t know. We’ve all experienced the world, with all its ups and downs and sideways strangeness. And the secret to good writing is translating all that innate human-y knowledge into honest, realistic fiction.

No matter how much or little writing experience you have, no matter how low your writing confidence is (we’re talking to you, imposter syndromers), no matter what you want to write about or how little you think you know, we’re here to PROVE that you have a wealth of writing knowledge just ready to be unleashed on the world.

After all, you are a human person thing, and you have all these emotions and life experiences and feelings and thoughts and you have seen things, man. You know things. You have lived.

Which means: you can write.

Over the course of four weeks we’re going to show you how to harness the power of your innate human-y knowledge; how to draw from what you DO know and translate that into fantastical, imaginative, moving, amazing fiction. 

We know that sometimes writing into the unknown can be terrifying. How do you put yourself into the shoes of someone other than yourself? How do you visualise and accurately depict a place you’ve never been? How do you write about something you’ve never done and make it feel REAL?

You start with what you know. 

You use the experiences you already have on tap and adapt them, tweak ’em, manipulate and amplify them until they serve your purposes. You show your writing chops and turn what you know into what you don’t know in a believable, honest, and realistic way. 

Sounds easy/difficult/terrifying, huh? Yep. All of those. 

But we’re gonna do it anyway. 

So join us for a month full of pep, exercises, prompts and guidance on harvesting all the amazing things you know into your writing.

Learn how to craft teeny little truth bombs to scatter into your fiction and make it feel as realistic as possible

Suitable for any kind of writing: novels, short fiction, poetry, screenwriting, whatever floats your boat

Join our lovely little online community to support you through starting, middling, finishing and beyond.


I started with a beginning and an end then changed the end, twice, got the middle and finally understood what plotting is all about and what a story arc truly is. Now I see holes and have an idea of how to fill them. Great attitude to teaching from WHQ crew.



Thanks, an excellent workshop! A great way to spend the morning.



…well, the best thing ever editing-wise. My novel’s been stuck in the doldrums for ages and I was losing heart, knowing it wasn’t right, but not knowing how to identify what was wrong, far less having a clue as to how to go about fixing it. But now I do, and that’s really exciting and invigorating. The course is clearly laid out in small, bite-sized chunks. It’s all really well signposted, so you know what you need to do every week, why you need to do it, and how to do it. It’s laid out in a logical order. It takes things one step at a time. It’s completely bargainous. Jo and Sarah are friendly and down-to-earth and they explain things in the way you would talk to your friends down the pub and not as if you’re in a university lecture. I really can’t fault the course, nor can I recommend it enough.

Annie Kirby

Plotstormers II: The Editing Strikes Back

Top notch course and the exercises are really challenging. It is hard work but it helps build a habit of writing too. I am really enjoying it a lot and surprised by how much I managed to do within those few weeks. Sarah has been an absolute brick really supportive and verifying or checking things in such a gentle and encouraging way. Go for it, you’ll love it.




Jo Gatford
Half of Writers’ HQ
Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and did an MA to avoid writing her novel


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