Writers’ HQ And The Global Pandemic (that’s coronavirus. We have to put it in the blog title for SEO purposes)


Last update: 16 March 2020

Hello. We’re writing this from the present day in which we’re all rolling our eyes at the increasingly hysterical coronavirus media coverage, and hoping you’re not reading this from three weeks in the future when society lies but a smouldering heap of its former self, a ragtag band of immune outliers scraping a meagre dinner from the ruins to take back to the encampment, fenced off and safe from the death-walking Boomers.

After consulting broadly – with Government advice, doctors, NHS managers, unsubstantiated rumours in the playground and on social media – we have made the (very difficult but kinda no brainer) decision that for the health and safety of our beloved writing community we are putting our retreats into self-isolation from now until the end of May.

That means we will not be running on-site Writers’ HQ writing retreats from now until June. BUT WAIT! Keep reading and don’t panic because all the answers to all your questions are here:

  • So that you don’t miss out we are running FREE online writing retreats every weekend from now until, uh, the return of something-like-normality, probably. You can still turn out a few thousand words from the comfort of your own sofa, alongside the help and support and comfort of your own Team Writers’ HQ.
  • If you have already booked a ticket for a real life on-site retreat and would like a refund, please give us a shout at [email protected] and we’ll sort it asap. However, we are but a smol business which exists constantly on the edge and this does have the potential to send us irretrievably into the gutter, so we do ask you to consider transferring to another retreat later in the year, which will help support our mission to bring excellent stories to everyone and have added benefit of curtailing Sarah’s constant spreadsheet-based hyperventilation. (We do understand that everyone is in a similar situ and don’t say this without some kind of self-awareness).
  • Remember you are not alone. Writers’ HQ and our kick-ass, amazing, supportive community is here for you. Join our FREE 14 Days Of Self Write-solation email course to keep you entertained during lockdown and our lovely community writing forums and Facebook group are always open for chat, flails, and gifs.

As you no doubt know the situ is ongoing and unfolding and emerging and evolving. We’re keeping an eye on things and we’ll keep yous all updated with any info that we know as and when.

Okilydokily writer-peeps. That’s all for now. Please give us a shout with any questions, worries, flails and gifs. We’ve got your back in these weird-ass and slightly surreal times.


We love you. Your writing matters. We’re in this together.

Writers’ HQ missive: OUT

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