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What's the offer?

September is back to school month! But we know the new term can be scary so bring your BFF with you and make it all a bit easier…

When you sign up for a Writers’ HQ membership this month, we’re going to give you another one to gift to a friend for FREE!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the big orange button below to bag your membership.
  2. When you sign into your dashboard, you’ll see another handy button asking you to invite your friend.
  3. Click the button, fill in the form, and we’ll send them a free membership.
  4. Write along with your buddy for lols, accountability, and general communal writerly fun.
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Smol print pls

  1. If you sign up for a year of membership, you can gift another whole year of membership to your buddy. If you sign up for a month, you can gift a month.
  2. You only pay for your membership – nothing extra – the bonus membershp is FREE!
  3. You can split the cost with a friend if you like, we really dgaf, do whatever works, but we can only accept payment from one card.
  4. If you already have an account you can cancel your thing and sign up again to get the deal. We’re totally on board with the sneakiness.
  5. Your friend will need to sign up for their free membership within a month, otherwise the thing expires.
  6. You can’t use the free membership to run directly after yours, e.g. you pay for one year and then get a free year afterwards. That’s cheating and naughty, although we appreciate the attempt but still. Don’t.

Ok that’s it. Go get your membership and give one away completely FREEE

and tell them really freakin’ well
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Learn how to write the stories you love, and have the confidence to send them into the big wide world
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Enjoy the knowledge and experience of a huge community of writers who help and support each other
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Shine a light on your process with hundreds of hours of creative writing tuition to help get you from start to finish


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everything you need

The incredible Writers’ HQ community offers an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, step-by-step, hand-holding environment, away from tiresome literary snobbery and grammar pedantry, for the many writers out there who feel as though they don’t fit.

we're writers too

We know what you’re dealing with – the frustrations, the joys, the heartache, the endless urge to procrastinate, the crying hysteria at Tumblr memes about punctuation. And we’re working on our stories right alongside you.
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support is our m.o.

With thousands of WHQers all over the world, you can swap work for critique, swoon and flail and be caught by a other writers who Just Get It, 24 hours a day. Oh yeah. We put the mm in community, y’all

we love stories

No seriously. We love all of them, from sci fi to lit fic, from trashy beach reads to obscure experimental weirdness, from police procedurals to high fantasy. All stories are important and valued and just shut up and give them to us, ok? We demand MOAR STORIES.

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no nonsense

Writers’ HQ is about doing the work. We don’t waft around waiting for the muse or talking endlessly about writing without actually doing any. We show up at our desk time and time again and get. shit. done. (I mean, we also dick around making tea and eating biscuits, but you get the idea).

we love you

Running Writers’ HQ is a legit dream come true and we freakin’ adore all the people who make it so awesome (that’s you guys). We’re here for you, we’re rooting for you, we live and breathe this accidental behemoth. So come on in, the water’s fine.

Woohoo yeah do it do it yeah woo etc and so on


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