Starts Monday 6 January 2020

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"Writers’ HQ reignited my love of writing that had been dormant for too long. The Couch to 5k Words course has been an absolute pleasure."
Jo Warburton


Struggling to get started with your writing?

Finding it impossible to keep up a momentum?

Generally feeling a bit meh?

Shake off the literary ennui and find your writing happy place. Whack a firecracker up the butt of productivity. Shove procrastination out the door like a drunk relative who’s outstayed their welcome.

The Writers’ HQ Couch to 5k Butt Kick is 28 days of writing tips and prompts, inspirational bollocks, super special discount codes, and literary swearing, all delivered to your inbox.

Start on 6 January, join our lovely little community, and GET WRITING.

You could see out the month with a writing habit to make Barbara Cartland weep and productivity to make Stephen King fall on his knees in adulation.


Yes, it’s free, FREEEEE! (But obviously we’re gonna try to get you to join as a member in the emails because we cannot get enough of helping writers do that writing thang. But you can ignore that stuff. We don’t care. We don’t. It’s fine. WE SAID IT’S FINE.)


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Don’t like gin, swearing or memes?

Yeah no we’re probably not for you then. Our approach isn’t for everyone (your first clue is in our logo). We swear more than is ‘ladylike’ and use gifs when we could use our words. But, eh, fuck it. We don’t believe that linguistic purity or literary snobbery does anyone any favours.

If we’re not a match for you, thanks for giving us a go and good luck with your writing – we wish you every success. Please don’t sign up and then email us with how offended you are because that’s a silly waste of everyone’s time.

But if, like us, you’ve never found your rightful place in the writing world and think WHQ could be just the ticket – welcome home, come in, grab a cuppa, we’ve been waiting for you (in a totally non sinister way ofc).

Give your writing and writing habit a vigorous shakedown. Ooer.

Finish the course with a regular, sustainable writing practice.

Join our lovely little online community to support you through starting, middling, finishing and beyond.


“Writers’ HQ gave me the confidence to write. I’ve had short stories, poems, and a children’s book published. Through hundreds of tiny steps and stumbles, each one supported by the Writers HQ community, I am finally happy to call myself a writer. It has become my job.”

Lisa Fransson
author, Älgpappan

“The endless enthusiasm and encouragement of Sarah and Jo has worked magic. My novella-in-flash was published by Ellipsis and won Best Novella in the Saboteur Awards 2019 and I’m now represented by super-agent Sheila Crowley at Curtis Brown.”

Stephanie Hutton
author, Three Sisters of Stone

“With Jo and Sarah’s help I put together a query letter that got me four full requests from the slush-pile, three offers of representation and ultimately, an agent. There’s a reason I mention WHQ in the acknowledgements of my debut novel – they are awesome.”

Emma Reid
author, Milton the Mighty