Writers’ HQ Flash Quarterly – THE LONGLIST!


Flashers! It’s here. FINALLY.

(We realise some of you have been waiting a considerable amount of time for this and we greatly appreciate your gracious patience. ? ? ?)

We’ve read over 850 stories. 

We have deliberated. Argued. Stormed out of the WhatsApp chat. Rejoined to argue some more. Eventually come to a simmering agreement on twenty-one flashes full of humanity and truth and potential.

(The shortlist decision is a whole other battleground that we may not all survive, but let’s leave that for another day. For now, let’s throw further ado out the window and get the fuck on with it.)

And so, we are fiercely excited and proud and jangling with anticipation to announce…


Across Seven Seas
Catching Clouds
Christmas, Post
Conversations Underwater
Flying North
His Best Jumper
I Wanted to be a Female Animator
In Which, Magic
Inside This Standing Stone
It Started with Lemons
Lame Duck
Making Antiques
Octopuses Change Colour When They Dream
Scanning the Sea
My Tatelah
The Cove
The Pool
The Smuggling Pharaoh
What Kera Sees

Is your story on here? Are you screaming? We’re screaming. We’ve been screaming for some time now. We may never stop.

If your story is on the longlist, the HUGEST of congratulations to you! We’ll be sliding into your inbox shortly… By all means shout about your longlisting on social media or your own website/blog but PLEASE don’t tell anyone which story is yours yet – we still want to keep the judging process blind and as impartial as possible!

If your story isn’t there, don’t despair. We still love you. We think you’re great. And you must keep writing. This is the process. It is known.


Well, we’ll be announcing a shortlist and winners as soon as the judging battle royale is over and only one of us is left standing, bloody, wild-eyed, and panting for breath.

Til then, may we say a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who submitted to our contest, and we can’t wait to share the shortlisted stories with you.



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