Writers’ HQ is coming to a town near you!

Who’s got news? WE’VE GOT NEWS!

Writers’ HQ is spreading! Ew. That sounds gross. But we are. We’re spreading all over the UK like a bad goddam rash and there’ll be a writing retreat in your special region before you can say ‘where the hell are you going with this STD metaphor?’.

It’s been five whole years since we launched the first writers’ retreat in Brighton and in that time we’ve had people travelling hundreds of miles to come write with us because we’re just so dammed good. We launched Worthing Writers’ Retreat last year and since that’s been a rip-roaring success too we’ve decided that we’re coming for you. Yes you.

We’ve tracked down five brilliant, erudite, witty and gold-starry early-career writers to run our new retreats and we are training them in the ways of WHQ right now as we speak. Current hot topics: quality biscuits and how to make good coffee. See? We know what’s important to you.

For the uninitiated, our famous one-day, butt-kicking writing retreats are about kicking procrastination in the nadgers and saying NO MORE to the tyranny of Internet-based sidetracking. We sit you in a room with a bunch of other writers, feed you caffeine, sandwiches and biscuits, set your personal writing targets for the day, turn off the wifi and make sure you write your little socks off. Also included: gold stars for good behaviour and our pathological fear of under catering.  Perf.

But enough spiel, here’s where we’re heading *drum roll*:


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Run by Karen Miller. Karen writes for the stage but experiments with short stories and poetry on the side. Her writing is currently fuelled by red wine, tea, chocolate and 80’s pop music. She discovered WHQ whilst living in Brighton and taking part in New Writing South’s Advanced Dramatic Course. Now she’s back home in Brum, she’s spreading the gold-star-love to the Midlands. Follow her on Twitter and check her website.



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Run by Alexa Radcliffe-Hart. Alexa is a writer and editor who has worked closely with short story writers at The Word Factory, and has taught courses and workshops for Swanwick Writer’s Summer School, Alt.Fiction, and Jersey Festival of Words as well as various secondary schools. Follow her on Twitter and check her website.


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Run by Alex Clark. Alex writes short stories, and has half a novel in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Her work has appeared in Prole, Shooter Literary Magazine and Litro Online, amongst others. She runs Cheltenham-based flash fiction night ‘Flashers’ Club‘. She spends a lot of time in her veg garden, especially when she should really be doing something else. Follow her on Twitter and check her website.


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Poppy runs the Portsmouth Writers’ Retreats and is a writer of short stories and nonfiction with a novel in the pipe-line. She’s studying for an MA in creative writing at the University of Chichester. She’s been long listed for the Bristol Prize and the Bath Flash Fiction Award. Her first book of children’s nonfiction will be published by Summersdale in spring 2018. Follow her on Twitter and check her website.



Northern types! We’re not ignoring you. We’re just working our way steadily up the country. Want a writing retreat in your special region? Give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do: [email protected].


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