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The most procrastination-busting, word-writing, story-telling, tea-drinking online creative writing courses this side of the internet.
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How to plot a novel

Woman wearing glasses writing in a notebook and thinking
Plotstormers II: The Editing Strikes Back

Deconstruct. Reconstruct. Turn your manuscript into something beautiful

Making People

A mini characterisation masterclass

Writing Short Fiction

Small words with big impact

Find An Agent

Prepare your manuscript and learn what to expect

The Query

Nail your query letter

Write a Synopsis

Learn how to craft a small but perfectly formed synopsis

14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

Get writing, stay writing

The First Draft

Write your novel in six months

Seven Ideas in Seven Days

Learn to see, hear and think like a writer

Write What You Know

Even when you think you know nothing

Writing In The Time Of Climate Change

For writers exploring the climate crisis

Writing with Kids

A three-part video series about how to write while parenting, without going mad.

Couch to 5K Words

Shake off your literary ennui and get moving

Woman writing in a notebook with a cup of coffee
Troubleshoot Your Novel

Figure out what’s wrong with your story and FIX IT!

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Writing Without Fear

Don’t let fear crush your creativity! Face It! Write it. Do. The. Thing.

Woman in a yellow sweater sitting crosslegged with a laptop on her lap
Beginners Guide to Flash Fiction

Conjure teeny flashy stories out of thin air

Woman on yellow sofa working on laptop
Create A Short Story Collection

Learn how to create and curate a short story collection with award-winning author Kirsty Logan.

Intro to Journaling

How to plot a novel