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Develop your writing with professional critique and feedback from Team WHQ!

Get fresh eyes on your work, a firm kick up the butt and/or some gentle hand-holding to get you where you wanna be. Whatever you need, Writers’ HQ can help you to develop your writing, build your confidence, and support you through the first draft, the second draft, the eleventh draft, and beyond.

Choose from a variety of critique options for advice, insights and detailed written feedback on your work. You can also book a one-to-one video call consultation to go through your critique in person, ask questions, and discuss next steps.

What we’re saying is: let us love you. Let us help you. Let us get you to the next stage of your writing journey!

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How it works

Choose your critique option and send us your work

Get detailed feedback and critique on your writing from a team of experienced and award-winning authors. Choose from written feedback and/or a 1-hour Zoom consultation to discuss your work. From flash fiction to novels, plot outlines to query letters, we can help you to improve and develop your writing with constructive, practical feedback, and build your confidence with encouragement and support!

Get a comprehensive written feedback report

Once you've sent us your writing, we'll get to work on some detailed written feedback, including structure, characterisation, narrative style, pace, tone and suggestions on developing your work and your writing from a fresh perspective. If you have any specific issues or areas you'd like us to focus on just let us know, and we'll get your work back to you within 2-4 weeks with a comprehensive feedback report.

Book a one-to-one video call for extra support and advice

Sometimes it's much easier to just talk things through... So if you'd like to discuss your feedback in more depth, ask questions, and get additional advice on your writing, choose a critique option that includes a one-to-one Zoom consultation. Once we've delivered your written critique and you've had some time to read and digest it, we can then book a 1 hour video call to chat about it further - at a time and date that suits you.

Writing Critique & Feedback Services

Everyone needs an objective eye on their writing sometimes!
Getting constructive feedback and critique can be a huge boost to your confidence, improve your writing, and help you make some serious progress.
Writing can be a lonely old pastime, but seeking a second opinion is a great way to reignite your enthusiasm, give you some tangible targets to work on, and build a practical plan for development of your work.
We offer written critique and feedback on novel outlines, excerpts, short fiction, memoir, non-fiction, and pretty much whatever else you want to throw at us. We can also arrange a 1-hour Zoom consultation to discuss your work ‘face to face’ and answer any questions you might have about your critique. 
Choose from the options below, or get in touch to discuss full manuscript critique prices.
(If you’re looking for longer-term support or are interested in including Writers’ HQ courses and mentoring on an Arts Council Developing Your Creative Practice application, please get in touch)


Jo Gatford

Jo Gatford

Jo Gatford is an award-winning novelist and short fiction writer, and the co-founder of Writers’ HQ.

She has also worked as a copyeditor and mentor for a wide range of fiction and non-fiction authors for over 15 years.

She is a proofreading pedant and loves a good em-dash.

Poppy O'Neill

Poppy O'Neill

Poppy O'Neill is a best-selling author and professional editor.

She's a prize-winning fiction writer with five years' experience supporting writers to bring their stories into the world.

She has written 20 books in the past 2 years which have been translated into seven languages.

We're currently at full capacity for critique and feedback sessions, sorry!

We’ll re-open for bookings soon — check this page for updates.


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