Writing Exercises

Inspiring, story-starting writing exercises to help you explore your writing in brand new ways!

Writing exercise, Short fiction
Write your way through the winter darkness with this warm ‘n’ glowy exercise.
Writing exercise, Novel writing, Short fiction
How can alt text help you develop your descriptive writing skills?
Writing exercise, Productivity
8 tips for writers to help deal with imposter syndrome and build confidence in their creativity
Writing exercise, Short fiction
10 great Discworld quotes that also make inspiring story starters.
Writing exercise, Short fiction
Hands down the most useful question you can ask of your writing…
Writing exercise, Novel writing, Short fiction
How do you get to the heart of your story?
Writing exercise, Short fiction
Create your own fictional instructions for writing a story and come up with a weird and wonderful tale
Writing exercise, Short fiction
Dive into the wonderful world of museum collections and craft a story from an artefact…
Writing exercise, Short fiction
‘Flashy’ Kathy Hoyle gives us four brilliant writing exercises on developing imagery in your stories.
Writing exercise, General
Use these journaling exercises to escape from reality for a while and reset your writerly brain.
Writing exercise, Short fiction
Gaynor Jones on how to stay just the right side of weirdness.
Writing exercise, Novel writing
Learn how to analyse your reading pile to develop your own writing.

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