Editing Your Novel


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You’ve reached your word count. Now what?

At what stage do we start editing? How do we begin? What even is editing? What are we supposed to be looking for? And most importantly, how can we learn to love this vital stage of the process?

Emma will take you through how she edits her novels, show you the materials she uses, and suggest exercises and techniques so you can organise your book and your mind most effectively.

You’ll learn to use lists, visual guides, emotion sequences, plot arcs and character preoccupations to fine tune your book. You’ll hopefully also understand when to question yourself, and when to trust your instincts.

Who You Are

  • A writer with a manuscript that doesn’t know what to do with it now
  • Any writer who wants to get deeper into the editing process and take the next steps in the writing process

What You’ll Get

An hour long interactive workshop exploring editing exercises and techniques with award-winning, bestselling author Emma Healey.

What You’ll Learn

  • Strategies for deconstructing your story and putting it back together again
  • Ways to organise your mind so you can organise your story!
  • How to move from a first draft to a finished draft

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