February Toot Your Flute

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Author: SarahWHQ

Tooty fruity February is juicy! Welcome to the February Toots.

A place for all your writerly wins, achievements, publications, goals smashed, small victories and big news.

With no more preamble necessary, let us get on with The Tooting.

(PS if you want your name in the March toots, please make sure you post your wins in the March toots thread on the forum.)

(PPS If we missed you off the list, we are extreeeeemely sorry. Give us a nudge via the usual channels, and we’ll add you in).

Sarah Masters is on the shortlist for Flash 500 and has a story coming out in the the LISP ‘Rising Stars and Promising Pens’ anthology this week. There’s also a story up on Paragraph Planet.

Alison Wassell has a piece published in Idle Ink and a story that started on Flash Face Off is up on Raw Lit. There’s also stories up on Fictive Dream and the Pure Slush Loss Anothology.

Fiona McKay has a piece up on Raw Lit and was shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award for a story that was an FFO prompt. There are also three micros up on Flash Boulevard.

Marie Louise McGuinness has a piece up on Raw Lit and another on Flash Frog.

Alexandra Gough has a story called The Meantime that’s coming out in the LISP ‘Rising Stars and Promising Pens’ anthology this week and has been longlisted for a short story competition.

Heather Haig received a yes for a flash from The Broken Spine.

Billie-Leigh Burns has won the picture this category on fictionette twice in a row, a previous FFO was selected for Flash, and has had an acceptance from Mersey Review and a story on 50 Words.

Sarah Oakes had Stormy Trees and Wounded Wings published by Cath Barton.

Simon O’Brien has finished The Bus Mice and sent it to an agent.

Angela Fitzpatrick has been shortlisted by Retreat West for their January Flash, the Westword 1000-word picture story competition, and by Fusilli, and also won the Fictionette short story comp for January and received an acceptance from Bristol Noir!

Sarah McPherson has a non-fiction piece in the Metro.

Lauren Phillips-Freeman has finished the fourth round of novel edits and had a Medium reader add a poem to their their February 2024 list.

Suzanne Elvidge is working on a series of monologues and was on stage 22 February at Queer Spaces Live at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough performing the second monologue from the sequence.

Naomi Brotherton had an acceptance from Ink, Sweat and Tears. The Art Gallery, followed by afternoon Tea is on witcraft and also has a piece on Flash Fiction North.

John Blankson recently finished the couch to 5k and worked on a scene while sitting in the car!

Jane Mooney has received an acceptance from Cafe Lit.

David Higham had A Pot Noodle Lunch with Jack Sparrow at the Summit of Jebel Attuf broadcast by BBC Radio Solent.

Vicky Heath made the final four of the Granite Noir short story competition.

Samantha Johnson had a wonderfully pleasant comment on their latest piece.

Priyanka Nawathe has the poem Stolen Heart up on Pen to Print and has released a February newsletter.

Lizzie Eldridge co-organised an event to raise funds for Medecins Sans Frontieres, Gaza and read a story that started here at Writers’ HQ. Also, there’s a piece that started life on Writers’ HQ in Unapologetic which is available now.

Jude Potts is featured in the Pure Slush Loss Anthology.

Dot Buchanan is also featured in the Pure Slush Loss Anthology!

Karen Arnold is also featured in the Pure Slush Loss Anthology and has an acceptance from Leon Literary Review.

Kendra Jackson received the first acceptance of the year with from ‘Alice says go f**k yourself’ for their ‘bad girls’ issue.

Sophie Thompson made the Farnham Flash Fiction 500 longlist with a piece that started out on FFO.

Lucy Brighton is featured in the Pure Slush Loss Anthology.

Joyce Bingham received an acceptance for The Trees that Grew in Different Times by Westword, a story that was an FFO and originally for Clubs vs Spades in 2022.

Mairead Robinson won the Bath Flash Fiction Award with a stripped back FFO story!

Omg wow, you guys are the absolute literal, figurative, complete BEST. Well frikken done. 

And like we said up there, if you want your name in the March toots, please make sure you post your wins in the March toots thread on the forum. OKAY BYE NOW. 

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